Felix Falck-Næss (b.1999) is a Norwegian
photographer based in London.

He works on long-term projects, as well as for magazines,
newspapers, publishers and books.

Felix was born into a family where the camera has always been part of the inventory. That is perhaps why it is with the camera that Felix prefers to communicate, and what he tells us is how marvellous our surroundings can look, just when we look at them from an unfamiliar angle. Felix can make even the smallest story exciting, because he tells it in a new way. He has told stories about Hunters, Svinesund, high voltage lines and birdwatchers, to name a few of the
projects he has made in recent years.

Artist film

Bilder Nordic School of Photography (2019-2020)

Universety of arts in London: London College of communication:
BA Photography (2020- 2022)


2024: TBA


2018: Månebedotten #4 Flyt
2019:  SJÅ Magasinet #1 MAT
2020: SJÅ Magasinet #2 ROM
2021: SJÅ Magasinet #3 SANSER
2020: Magasinet Fotografi Nr.6
2021: SJÅ Magasinet #3 SANSER
2021: Magasinet Fotografi Nr.3

2020: Svinesund (Self-Published)
“Limited edition of 15 handmade books”
(Sold out)

2020: Birding 
“Limited edition of 10 books”
(Sold out)

2021: Blue eyes crying in the rain
150 editions
Can be bougth online at ArtiBooks.

2022: The Holy waffel
“10 handmande Red-velvet “Bibel” like books”
(Sold out)

2023: Sleepwalking
“limited edition of 50 copies”

2020: Magasinet Fotografi's portfolio pris
(First place winner)

2023: GUP Magazine
Fresh Eyes New young talent awards

2018: Now or never, Tøyen startup Village, Oslo, NO
(Curated by Cheryl Newman and support from Mathieu Asselin,
Ben McPherson, Liz Hingley and Ethan Rafal)
2019-2020: I samme båt. Bruket, Oslo, NO
(Curated by philospher and cuartor Ilgin Deniz Akseloğlu, Bjarke Calvin,
Eivind Natvig and Andrea Gjestvang)

2020: RE:SILIENCE, Bilder Nordic
Graduate exhibition at Schous Plass, Oslo, NO
(With help from Mentors  and cuartors Laara Matsen, Damian Heinisch,
Cheryl Newman, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Ina Kristine Winter Andersen, 
Ilgin Deniz Akseloğlu, Bjarke Calvin,Marc Prüst)

2021: Sjå #2 ROM, Palmera, Bergen, NO

2021: Nordic ligth, Kristiansund, NO

2021: Print Sale, The Arts Academy,UK

2022: PhotoBookCafe London, UK 

2022: Fotografiets hus, Solo exhebition Oslo, NO

2022: Copland WIP show, London, UK

2022: UAL Garduate exhebition London, UK

2023:Sleepwalking London, United Kingdom

Solo exhibition at the AMP gallery in Peckham for my photobook sleepwalking. A book exhibit was held for 2 days with the inclusion of a small exhibit in the gallery space accompanied by the book.

2018: Talk at Oslo Kamra klubb, Oslo, NO
2019: Presentation at Bilder Nordic school of Photography, Oslo, NO
2021: Prestentaion with Magasinet Fotografiets portolfolio pris at OFKS
(Oslo fotokunst skole)
2021: Prestentaion with Magasinet Fotografiets portolfolio pris at Bilder Nordic school of Photography

Magasinet Fotografi - “Fotografis portfoliopris: Felix Falck-Næss”
(interview in norwegian)

Bilder Nordic School of photography - Når du tenker "tør jeg dette" så burde
svaret ditt alltid være,JA! Jeg prøver!
(interview in norwegian)